Thursday, February 16, 2023

Quilt Beginnings

 If you know me, you know that I've always enjoyed sewing, but I've never really been big on quilting. I loved making  When I was in high school, I was in 4H and one of our club leaders started a quilting group, which I joined, but promptly left because I hated hand sewing.  It wasn't for me and I never really thought much about quilting after that.  I focused on garment sewing.  Quilting fabric was something to be used as embellishment, not to make a quilt!

Fast forward to 2021 when two new babies were welcomed into our family.  When trying to think of a Christmas gift for these precious babies that wasn't something that they might end up with two of, I decided to give quilting another shot.  I wanted to choose a quilt pattern that was simple to put together, since I had less than 2 months until Christmas when I decided to dive into quilting.  Also, I only had one other niece to shop for that year, she had just graduated from high school, so I added a quilt for her to the list.  After doing that, I decided that my own kids couldn't be the only ones to NOT get a quilt from their mother on Christmas with the family, so two more quilts were added to the agenda.  

Since I had 5 quilts to finish in less than two months, I really needed something that was quick to put together.  I found a great pattern that uses 12 fat quarters and was literally called Fast & Easy Fat Quarter Quilt

I decided to make the baby quilts out of the same fabric line, but different colors, so my nephew's quilt was grey and blue, my great-niece's quilt was grey and lilac.  For the older kids, I went off of either favorite colors or interests.  

I was hooked!  I was officially a quilter! At the start of 2022, I joined a local quilt guild, got hooked on three yard quilts, and have finished 4 more quilts, two quilt tops, and a table runner.  I can't wait to share my future quilts with you all!


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