Friday, March 31, 2023

Friday Review- Goodbye March!

  It's been a couple weeks, but I'm back in the swing of life now!  I had an enjoyable spring break full of crafting and fun with the family!  We kicked off the week with go carts and a quilt shop hop!  I got some fun fabric for tumblers and other small projects and got to support local quilt shops, so it was a win all around!

Speaking of tumblers, I got my new spinner all set up and I've been busy!

I have converted my old spinners to just use for pens, which I have been loving how my fabric covered pens are coming out!

Of course, my first round of pens all got claimed by my loving children. Oh, well. I have been making more and experimenting with UV resin for them, which greatly speeds up my pen process, especially on a sunny day!

I'm really excited about the three tumblers I started Tuesday evening!  I have a limited supply of Tula Pink's De La Luna fabric and the cameos are perfect for tumblers.  I have to keep telling myself that I can't keep everything I make, I'm making them to sell, but I may have to make an exception for one of these... I'm in love with how they look!

I've also been busy getting my Etsy shop ready to launch!  I'll be listing a few ready to ship tumblers as well as some options for custom tumblers.  I'll be announcing on Instagram and Facebook once the shop is live!  Be sure you're following me so you don't miss it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Friday, March 3, 2023

Hello, March!

  It's March!  I've been busy in the craft room, working on some new tumblers and planning out some new sewing projects.  

In January, our quilt guild held a Block of the Month challenge where we were all given a color and the same pattern to make a scrappy quilt block.  We had a total of 19 blocks brought back to the February meeting.  Everyone who made a block received a ticket and a winner was drawn.  I was the lucky guild member to take home all 19 blocks!  I'll be putting it together as a quilt this month to take to the March meeting for show and tell.  I can't wait to be able to show it off!

I've also been perfecting my tumbler process this week.  I've had two tumblers on the spinners this week and I'm in love with them!  One is a custom request from my mom and I totally plan on offering it as a ready to ship cup soon.  The other is from one of my all time favorite fabric lines, Elizabeth from Tula Pink.  I'm excited for next week, I just ordered a 4 cup spinner, so I'll be able to turn out more cups each week.  I'm hoping to start setting up shop at some local shows this summer and need to get busy building stock!

I do have a few shirt orders on the table this week, as well as my first order for caps.  I'll knock those out this weekend!  Be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook pages to keep up to date with what I'm working on!

Happy Creating, everyone!


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