Friday, March 22, 2024

A New Vintage Project!

 I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I agreed to make a quilt for my husband.  Ok, so the 80's kid/90s teen in me did get really excited about this one...  My husband's favorite arcade game is Galaga.  We have a retro arcade less than a mile from our house and they have Galaga, and yes, he has spent hours there playing it and setting the high score.  Unfortunately, they randomly reset the scoreboard, so Hubby has to go back every so often and reclaim his title.  I have agreed to make him a Galaga quilt. 

This is the overall inspiration for the quilt.  It will be all 8-bit and done in 1/2" squares.  The ONLY reason I agreed to do this is because TenSisters has a fusible grid for quilting that makes this a lot easier than it really should be.  

The first step is figuring out the art for the all of the ships in the game.  I stole a graph paper notebook from Hubs for this.  

Then, I spent some time on EQ8, designing the first custom block.  Each TenSisters grid panel is 18x28, so I 

Then, it was time to lay out 504 1" squares of fabric on the grid!

I used a washable glue stick to place all of my squares before pressing.  It was nice to not have to worry about them shifting or moving around while i was working. 

I started with the white parts of the ship, then filled in the red and blue, and lastly I placed the black background.

I started sewing the panel yesterday and will hopefully have it completely sewn by the end of the weekend.  It's not difficult to do this part, but it's not the easiest when working with such small squares!  

I will definitely be posting lots of updates as I continue!  I am estimating that I'll make 45 total panels, which will result in a grand total of 22,680 1/2" squares when this quilt is done!  And it's going to be awesome!!!

Stay Creative, my friends!


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