Monday, April 22, 2024

Roar! and Other Happenings

 It's been a fun weekend, playing with the new ROAR fabrics from Tula Pink!  My next show currently isn't until August, so I'm spending the next few months building inventory and working on the Etsy shop.  And quilting.  Can't forget quilting!

Currently, I have 4 different styles of ROAR tumblers available, my favorite being the 40oz Traveler w/handle.  I also made a couple 20oz skinnies, wine glasses, and a new style of cup, 12oz Duo Kids Tumblers!  The kids tumblers will come with two lid options, one regular slide closure lid AND a sippy cup-style lid with handles, for littles who are learning to use a cup!  The dinosaurs are perfect for the kids cups!  

I've been playing around in the sewing room with some quilts, a few I can't share yet, and a few I might be listing for sale soon.  I picked up a couple more TenSisters grids to continue my progress on the Galaga quilt, hopefully I'll have a post up next week with the second panel!  

I recently took over organizing the Block of the Month for one of my quilt guilds and have been playing around with ideas for how I want to run it.  I saw an idea that I fell in love with from another guild where they use their BOM to create charity quilts, so I'll be running with that idea and I'm looking forward to making charity quilts each month that have been made by multiple members of our guild!  I've already picked our first block and made two blocks for the May meeting!  One block will go towards the charity quilt and one will be put in the BOM Raffle.  

The pattern is called Grandma's Puzzle and I found it in some old quilt supplies a friend gave me last year when his mother was cleaning her sewing room out.  I was able to use up some Kaffe scraps I had, paired with half of a fat quarter of Tula Pink Fairy Flake in white.  

That's all for my Monday Musings this week!  

Stay creative, y'all!


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